With over 30 years of professional experience in the motorcycle industry, CFMOTO is known for delivering an optimal riding experience for every motorcyclist with the most reliable technology.


Zeeho is a new brand from CFMoto, which will exclusively produce electric vehicles. Zeeho's tagline is Life Amplified and refers to an increasingly important link between design, technology and user experience.


Changjiang is a Chinese brand with a very rich but rather local history. Changjiang started its first production as early as the 1950s. Today, the factory offers a Side-Car, which is the result of 60 years of manufacturing experience and thousands of models sold in Asia.


The sixties is still the symbol of a great era of freedom and inexhaustible creativity. This, combined with the latest technology, is what inspired Orcal.


Motorcycles under the brand name Voge are new in Europe. However, motorbikes produced by Voge, under the brand names of well-known Western brands, have been riding on our roads for years.


BW Import
Tel: +32 (0) 15 67 06 81
Mail: contact@bwimport.be
BW Import, based in Mechelen, Belgium, is a major professional player in the motorcycle industry and has ensured that motorcycle brands from all over the world (Italy, India, South Korea, Taiwan, China) can establish and develop in the Benelux.

BW Import is a network with well-spread distribution points and a technical and commercial team dedicated to its customers. It is a solid player, honed by years of experience in the provision of services to two-wheelers.

The brands chosen and distributed by BW Import are subjected to an analysis that guarantees both professionals and consumers a quality control in advance, whereby it is our priority to bring quality products to the market for your complete satisfaction.

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